December 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of December 2011

December is filled with special holidays for many different cultures. One common thread they all share is, the love to give from the heart. IBR has been so blessed this year and holiday season from so many caring people. We've had the opportunity to save more dogs this year than ever before. We've also been fortunate to give a second chance to those with sever medical issues. All because of you!
IBR would like to wish every one the joyous celebration of your holiday and a New Year filled with wishes coming true.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Otto's Cyclery
GE Matching Funds Foundation (Wendy Schild)
Anonymous I adopted Bernadette nee Wanda- she's great!
Mark Appleby
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Food & Medication
Brent Christensen-Contribution to Food & Medication
Danielle W. Christensen- In lieu of birthday gifts donation were requested to be made to IBR in name.
Nancy Commeree
Elieen Crofts
Anne and Roger Davis
Emily Demone

Michelle Demos- In memory of our sweet birddog, Aubrey

Diane DePasquale
Christin Dewey and MACH titled Skeets
MaryJo Fairbanks
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Food & Medication,Merry Christmas! Love, your family
the Fullett family
Gurdalupe Garcia
Mary Patrizi Gasik
Carla Guyer-Contribution to Food & Medication
Ann Harber
Jeff & Amy Harms Sage (adopted 7/07-MI) is doing great!!!
Gayle Harrop-Contribution to Food & Medication
Nicole Jette
Jodi Johnson-Thanks for all you do!!!
Debra Joy
the Kaye family-adopted Josie 7 yrs. ago.
Sally Kreul-Happy New Year from Bobby!
the Koziol family in home or our 1st Christmas with Betty White
Colleen McAdams
Julie Miller
Lee Miller
Penny Milnamow-Thanks for saving Spritz
Linda S Nelson
David Orzel
Marsha Putt
Wendy Schild
Stephanie Spurrier
Dana Swinford-My friend, Nathan Falls from Montezuma IN, is a big fan of your organization and mission. I made this donation because of his passion to your cause.
Pam Werner Szponer
Al Wigley
Phyllis Willner
Teresa Wojdyla
Kristy Zelewsky-Contribution to Food & Medication

Emily J. Demone-Contribution to Food & Medication. I'm blessed to open my eyes every morning to my Heart dog Willow, Which is why nothing pleases me more than to help good folks like yourselves and the organization, Last Chance Animal Rescue, here in New York, which rescued her from a kill shelter in SC.

They held an adoption event I helped at one day and my intention was to foster someone who wasn't adopted by day's end. Of course all of the puppies went first, but towards the end of the event, she caught my eye, underweight and sheepishly looking at me from under a folding table. From that moment on I was hooked! I took her home to foster her, but was unable to let her go. She is calm, gentle, playful, cuddly and it is as though there is a human soul inside her.

I have had some wonderful dogs from childhood on....but this girl is everything I loved in all of those wonderful animals, wrapped up in one amazing package. I know that if Last Chance didn't grab her, she'd be dead. They said she was set to die the next day. I can't imagine my life without her in it.

November 14, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of November 2011
While we enjoy a fest of fine food and good company that this month brings on Thanksgiving, we can't forget the dogs that wonder aimlessly through the streets looking for their next meal and a warm place to rest. Through the endless efforts of many dedicated animal control officers, volunteers, and kind hearted people, like yourselves, we, at Illinois Birddog Rescue, are able to offer them their meal and the warmth from a loving home to rest their weary bodies. We would like to give thanks to each and every one of you that has helped accomplish this task. Without your support and compassion, we wouldn't be in a position to provide this basic need that is so instrumental to their well being.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Author, Brenda Fiorini donated her book titled: Rescue Pup . To view the book click on it's name.
The Village Tavern & Grill of Carol Stream
WPG Solutions

Jeffrey Barta
Kelly Ponticelli Barrile Donating on behalf of our Charlie
Jenni Bidner
Christy Carrano
Elieen Crofts
Susan Dearinger
Sue DePasquale
Lisa Dziedzina - in memory of my GSP Gambol. Also, a very special friend who I cherish.
John & Susan Ebey
MaryJo Fairbanks
Nancy Haynes
Carol Malik
Margareta Viznerova- I would like to sponsor Larkin-In Hospice Care.I am from Czech Republic.
Tom Schedit
Jeff Wendler

October 2, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of October 2011

brings "trick or treat" and our dogs are happy to oblige. They provide many tricks, some we've never seen before, and the treat is just knowing that they have a second chance of giving someone the special love only they can give. Without your generous support and compassion, this wouldn't happen. Thank you is such a small sentence, but it has such a big heartfelt

Our deepest gratitude to all who have supported us over our 10 years of Compassion. We would like to extend our appreciation to all who have silently given and supported us. We look forward to helping many more dogs in need and finding them their forever homes to live out a life of happiness they deserve. Thank you for your support.

IBR would like to thank the following companies who supported the Birddog Balooza 10 Year celebration through their donations. Please visit their sites.
Author: Web Parton
Animal Feeds and Needs
Blue Witch Ceramics
Birddog Foundation
Birddog Whiskey
Brookfield Zoo
Chicago Bears
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Colliers International
Coopers Hawk Winery

Crypton Fabric
Fromm Family Foods
K-9 Hair Design
Kong Co.
Lynfred Winery
Martha Stewart
Medival Times
Merrick Petcare
St. Andrews Golf Course
St.Louis Rams
Sixflags Great America
Up Country
Willis Towers

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Donna A De Rosa

Julia Agboatwalla Family
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Kisska
Ebey Family- For Kisska's Emergency Surgery,Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES,
To help the IBR doggies
Linda Cullotta Felde- We love our Millie adopted from IBR 6 years ago
Ginene Gentile-Hand made 4 cat pillows and a Table runner for Balooza auction.
Cheryl Hoffman- Avon Fundraising Project
James Hondros
Gasik Family
Carol Malik-PLEASE apply toward "CYPRESS's" heartworm treatments,To help with GEAH's bill
Milton the Poet Thanks for rescuing me
Julie Miller-For the love of Pointers - Sully & Nikki too
Lee Miller

Linda S Nelson-Contribution to Kisska
Pam Szponer

Lynette Ranallo-Contribution to Kisska
Cheddar and Brie Sandberg
Michelle Syens-Thank you for 10 years & many dogs saved
Carrie Williams, Jim Rooney, Lexie and Mr. Murphy Murphy says hello and THANK YOU from us all!

Kristy Zelewsky-For Jameson's Vetting

September 14, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of September, 2011
Labor Day is thought of as the working man's holiday. Illinois Birddog Rescue doesn't get the day off. We work very hard each and every day, 24/7, to ensure the safety and well being of all the dogs that we are capable of helping. We have you to thank for this. Without your generous donations, we suspect that this holiday wouldn't be one of cheer, but one of fear. Fear that we didn't do all we could to help those in need. Thank you for believing in us and our cause.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
PCN Marketing, Inc.
For Love of Pets Rescue-West Chester,OH Bless you for all you do for those goofy Pointers

Tina Bach-For Loren
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Heartful of Love
Ebey Family-Sponsoring donation for Thomas and Jefferson
Stephanie Harpole-Contribution to Heartful of Love
Barb Hendricks
Kristin Honeysuckle
Maureen Koziol
Carol Malik
Jason Martin
Lee Miller
Gary Nelson-pm&j,LLC
Tom Nelson
Mary Redfern
Thomas Scheidt-Thank you for Lynette
Stephanie Spurrier-May Loren rest in peace.

Fred & Pam Szponer-This donation is a Thank You for your recent help with our adoption of GSP Bailey. She and Abbey are best friends. Bailey has brightened things up around here and we all needed that. Fred, Angela and Abbey

Holly Turner-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES also Louis

Carrie Williams,Jim Rooney, Lexie and Mr. Murphy Murphy says hello and THANK YOU from us all!

Mary Wishnew-Contribution to The Lucky Kentucky's
Kristy Zelewsky

August 15, 2011

August Donations

Our rescue is able to save lives based on the donations we receive. We recently were able to save a very pregnant pointer mama who gave birth to three adorable puppies only a few days later. She looks pretty happy to me!

A warm thank you to the following friends for their donations to our Nacadoches Family and others in need:
WPG Solutions, Inc.
Stacy Bailey - Lord Kensington
Judy Besler-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family
Michelle M. Campoli
Christy Carrano-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES and Mandi

Barbara J. Davies-In memory of my Mom Jean Davies - she loved all dogs, rescue dogs in particular.

Christin Dewey-for MANDI Get well soon, baby girl !!
Lynne Dobroski-for Mandi
Ebey Family-Contribution to the Newbies,the Nacogdoches Family and the 3 Amigos in Texas, also Mandi
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Nacadoches Family also to GEEZERS & GRANNIES and Mandi
Deborah Foley-Mandi
Laura Francel
Melissa Fronek-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family
Tamara G. Gieck-for Mandi. Thanks for working to help her.
Dawn Hahn-for Mandi
Steffi Hoffmann
Kristin Honeysuckle
Denise Kerr
sheila Macikas
Karen E. McAdams-Mandi's Surgery
Shannon McGarity-Mandi's surgery
Julie A. Miller-For the love of pointers. Nikki & Sully's forever mom, Julie.Melissa J. Murphy

Lee Miller
Gary Nelson-Warm and cozy dog beds as well as a contribution. Adopted Bailey
Linda S. Nelson
Kelly Ponticelli- for Mandi

Mary Refern-This is for Maks - sweet, beautiful boy! Sending lots of hugs and prayers for you. Hope you're feeling better soon. (Note: Sadly, Maks couldn't beat his health issues and went to the Bridge.)
Thomas R. Scheidt-Thank you 1000 times for Lynette.
Brett Schulze- for Mandi
Julie Sopko-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family and Mandi
Fred Szponer-Contribution to Nacadoches Family. In Sadie's memory.
Michael J. Thomas-MANDI
Alan J. Wigley-Mandi - have to help a dog with a point that nice!
Kristy Zelewsky-for Loren

July 12, 2011

July Donations

Thank You VERY much for your continued support! We greatly appreciate the generosity of everyone especially:

Maureen Koziol-In honor of our foster girl, Betty White.
Lynette Ranallo - Heartful of Love donation
Ebey Family- Heartful of Love donation
Christy Carrano - Heartful of Love donation
Annonymous - Lord Byron
Jenifer Chance - Geezers & Grannies
Sarah Ranger - Geezers & Grannies
Susan Alder - Geezers & Grannies
David Orzel - Geezers & Grannies
Chris and Mary Gasik - IBR
Lee A. Miller - IBR
Clint Bull and Paula Cooper (WGN Radio) - to the family of Rita & Edward Martin, in memory of Rita
Jeffery Barta - Newbies
Sarah Ranger - Newbies
Jennifer Cobey - IBR
Susan Ebey - The Texas Trio

Thank you to everyone who participated in our July 4th 75/25 Raffle!

Kelli Cameron
Amy Straley
Carla Ingtaham
Debra Joy
Keely Lineback
Dennis Dang
Diane Erwin
Donna Alexander
Emily Hake
Alison West
Anne Davis
Christy Carrano
Christina Bach
Pat Malcor
Sonya Hene
Melissa Murphy
Alan Wigley
Pamela Szponer
Jeffery Wendler
Sharon Sinklair
Debra Joy
Anna Fliege
Linda Nelson
Thomas Favorite
Meg Hoffmann
Susan Depasquale
Carol Cross Malik
Kristy Zelewsky
Susan Ebey
Jeannine Reese

June 15, 2011

June Donations

Thank you to Emily Demone and her adorable birddog mix Willow for your donation to our Newbies!


June Donators for our New Rescues Dogs:
Jodi Jenkins
Ann Haber
Bridget Booker
Jeffrey Barta
Jenifer Chance
Grace Ross
Christy Carrano
Linda Nelson
Tom Nelson
Barbara Hendricks

Other June Donators:
Susan and John Ebey - for their continued amazing support to our group
Suzanne Yudell - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Stephanie Spurrier - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Lisa Justi - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Michelle Kent - Geezers & Grannies
Karen Pritchard - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Natasha Abu-Saba - Lord Byron
Sharon Sinklair - Helen Jane
Sarah Ranger - Geezers & Grannies
Sally Brines - Geezers & Grannies
Jennifer Cobey - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Denise Kerr - Illinois Birddog Rescue
David Orzel - Geezers & Grannies - In loving memory of English Setter Penny
Connie Guthrie & Save Our Strays - for Betty Spice
Penny Milnamow - IBR
Chris and Mary Gasik - IBR
Lori Jones - IBR
Orange & Blue Distributing Co. - IBR
Pamela Werner Szponer - IBR
All Things Woof Meow Too, Inc. - IBR
Katherine C. Bergquist- For Lord Byron
Kayleigh Marguerite - IBR
Janette Castrejon - IBR
Stephanie Spurrier - for Cypress
The United Way - IBR
Linda Nelson and Claudia Christensen - IBR
Erik Rittenhouse- Allstate Giving Campaign
Lee A. Miller - IBR
Pepsico Matching Donation

May 11, 2011

May Donations: With you it's all possible!

Our May Garage Sale was a success! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED ITEMS! If you would like to donate gently used items we will still be able to use more for our June garage sales.

Thank you Jenifer Chance for donating towards our special leaner boy Louisiana Louis! :)

Thank you Stephanie Spurrier and Fur Kids Harlee, Molly & Scout for your donations!

The Ebey family has been very generous in donating funds for the care of Gina, Tressy & Kisska in loving memory of their adored Pointer Margo Lane:

IBR thanks The Fur Family of donator Linda Nelson!


Special thanks to Susan Ebey all the way from California for her donation to save sweet pointer girl Gina. She's now SAFE in foster care in St. Louis! Another THANK YOU to her additional donation to IBR!


Our sweet, sweet Rawlin - being spoiled and loved on while in hospice care by thanks to his foster dad.


Anna Fliege
John Ebey
Christy Carrano
Kurt Hargarten
Diana Capaccio
Jennifer Leist
Victoria Sheridan
Beth @ Mosaic Feathers & More
Joan Kubalanza
Jason Buchholz
Carol Malik
Paris Walker

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OTHER MAY DONATIONS:

Nancy Brunzos- Illinois Birddog Rescue
Diane Erwin- Contribution to K9 Breast Cancer
Danielle Wojdyla- Contribution to Have a Heart
Ellen Farrell - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Tiffany Vernon- for Mistletoe MacGruber
Pamela Werner Szponer - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Maureen Kozial - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Denise Kerr - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Lee Miller - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Network for Good
Thomas Nelson - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Chris & Mary Gasik - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Jeanine Simmons - Geezers & Grannies
Cheryl Angelle - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Bridget Booker - Illinois Birddog Rescue

April 4, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of April

A month of many changes. It starts with April Fools day. A day to play pranks. A day to make fools out of people. IBR finds this "fools" day to be very appropriate for the fools that think abandoning dogs is okay. To treat them like they have no feelings. To discard them like trash. What Fools!

Luckily, April also brings new beginnings with Spring. Sprouting flowers after a long winter. Our dogs are like flowers too. With loving care, they begin to blossom into the dog's they never had the chance to be.

April brings warmer days and longer daylight to enjoy. For the fortunate dogs in our foster program, they get to enjoy the warmer weather with walks and play into the evenings with people that love them.

All of this is possible through your donations. Thank you.

Without your support and compassion, we wouldn't be in a position to provide the basic needs that are so instrumental to their well being.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Friends of Arlington (TX) Animal Services-Contribution to help with Arlie's HW treatment.
Pepsico Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Philip Angell-The Lucky Kentucky's
Bryan Appel
Kate Bergquist-Contribution for Lord Byron
Christy Carrano
Robin Carroll-In memory of Ripley Von Carroll(who is a pet)for saving Gina
Barbara Davies
Misty Franklin
Roger Groth
Debra Joy
Lee Miller
Carol Malik-Contribution to K9 BREAST CANCER
Douglas Pauschert-Contribution to The Lucky Kentucky's
Randy Schmidt-for Cherise in honor of Cecil (who is a pet).
Tom & Karen Scheidt-Thank you for Lynette.
Victoria Sheridan
Stephanie Spurrier
Jessica Teeter-Contribution to The Lucky Kentucky's
Jeff and Maria Wendler
Len West-For Laura's gas money
The Koziol Family in loving memory of Riley
made a donation to the K-9 Cancer fund. This is what they had to say about him. " It's hard to believe we lost you to Cancer one year ago. We so enjoyed your zany antics and loved "Life with Riley".
Sally Kreul-In honor of our wonderful adopted Bobby Brady. He's the love of our family and we can't thank you enough to saving him and his siblings. It's hard to believe its been 5 years since they all made their way to your caring rescue at just 5 months old.

March 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of March

The month of the Shamrock
which brings luck to those that find it. We, at IBR, feel every month brings us the pot of gold the shamrock offers for all the dogs we are able to help. We couldn't do it without you being the symbol of that lucky Thank you for all your contributions. Without your support and compassion, we wouldn't be in a position to provide the basic needs that are so instrumental to their well being.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Anonymous-Lord Byron
Mosaic Feathers & More...-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Greater Twin Cities United Way Donor Program
Jeffrey Barta-Contribution to IBR's Vetting Bills
Maureen Bird-For Mocha's treatment
Bridget Booker-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Christy Carrano
Jenifer Chance-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Amy Christy-Contribution to Louis in loving memory of Blaze
Eileen Crofts-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Sue DePasquale
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Louis also The Kentucky Kids and GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Misty Franklin
Danelle Gatcombe-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Mary Patrizi Gasik
Nancy Haynes-Contribution to IBR's Vetting Bills
Ann Haber
Kurt Hargarten
Greg Holden
Ingrid Larson-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Penny Lawyer-for the new puppy that looks so sad
Jean Loyd
Melinda Malecki
Carol Malik-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids also For the 'Seniors'
Lee Miller
Linda Nelson-In honor of our loved Hope and Toby
MARY REDFERN-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Tom & Karen Scheidt-Please keep helping those poor dogs!
Christine Selep-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Victoria Sheridan-ontribution to The Kentucky Kids
Mirjana Solujic-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids, also to GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Allison Stenger
Jeff Wendler
Kristy L Zelewsky-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids also Mocha's spay

February 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of February

Myspace Graphics
February is associated with Love,Be Mine,Hugs and My Special Valentine. An occasion to show your love for someone special. That someone, for Illinois Birddog Rescue and the many people like you, are all the furry loves of our lives. The ones that others thought of as disposable love. Like a wrapper on a piece of candy. Something that was sweet when first brought to their heart, but then soured and thrown aside. Unlike those unfortunate souls, we know just how precious all the dogs are that cross our paths. We love them all. And with you generous donations, we all can show them that they will be that sweet candy in our hearts, FOREVER! Thank you for believing in them and us.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
American Charities
Mosaic Feathers & More-Contribution to The Fireworks Litter
Anonymous-Contribution for Rex
Anonymous-Contribution for Sugarland
Bridget Booker-Contribution to Louis
Jenifer Chance-Contribution to Louis the Leaner
John Conto-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
KL Robertson Daly
Jaime Davis-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Karen Dowdy
Lee DuSold
Anna Fliege-Contribution to HAVE A HEART, also to GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Mary Patrizi Gasik
Sally Knapp-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Art & Pat Malcor-Happy Birthday Lisa
Lee Miller
Melissa Murphy
Victoria Sheridan-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
M Shields-Contribution to The Fireworks Litter
curt Shepherd-Vetting for Leland
Cathy Snyder-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES,
Stephanie Spurrier-contribution to Have a Heart,also the Kentucky Kids
Stenger Family
Dan Trebil-On behalf of our Setter Chrissy, thanks for all you do
Victoria Sheridan-Contribution to The Fireworks Litter
Suzanne Newcomb-Tonka

Susan Szymanski-In loving memory of our wonderful Taffy. We were given Taffy by a breeder/hoarder because she couldn’t be used for breeding due hip dysphasia. Taffy had been raised as a bench (show) dog. Our son, Tim, used her in 4-H dog obedience and showmanship. She did very well in showmanship due to her training for AKC shows. Obedience was another matter ~ Taffy refused to sit in the ring due to her classes! She would heel perfectly, just didn’t think the sit part was necessary J At the State 4-H Dog show, Tim and Taffy took 1st Place in their class for showmanship. Obedience was very funny to watch. When it came time for the Stand for Exam (at the end of a 6’ leash), Tim put Taffy into a Stand/Stay and walked to the end of the leash. He looked at the Judge, looked back at Taffy, almost told the Judge that they were ready when Taffy “tip toed” to Tim and planted her forehead into his thighs! Even the Judge was laughing! They ended up earning enough points to take 1st Place in Obedience too. We had to put Taffy down when she was about 12 years old due to a malignant brain tumor.

Tim and Taffy Training for 4-H Showmanship
Dearly Missed. Never Forgotten.

January 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of January

First on the list for the New Year is to thank all of you that have supported us throughout 2010 with your generous donations. We have made remarkable strides in helping so many needy dogs. Giving them second chances that they would of never seen. Providing necessary medical attention to just about every dog that came through our

Found fantastic new foster homes and adopters for so many this past year. We are deeply appreciative for all you have done. Truly, without you, IBR came close to closing the door of opportunity for so many 4 legged friends. We really owe you so much more than just a thank you. Please know that we will be forever grateful, and in 2011, we will continue to fight for all dogs brought to our attention and do what is feasibly possible, to help as many as we can.
Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Identity Sign & Lighting
The McGraw-Hill Companies Matching Fund
Linda Anderson
Mark Bardoel
Helen Braun-Contribution to IBR's Vetting Bills
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Kathleen Cheney
Barbara Davies-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Anne & Roger Davis
Sharon Decker
Emily Demone-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Lee DuSold-In loving memory of Gracie,Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Charles Edwards-To Save IBR
Diane Erwin-Contribution to K9 BREAST CANCER
Anna Fliege-Contribution to K9 BREAST CANCER
Felicia Filippo
Jane Fullett
Mary Gasik
Stephanie Graham-Contribution for Sassy
Norm Green-To help with vetting bills
Carla Guyer
Kurt Hargarten-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
CLAUDIA HASLETT-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Sandra Lucas-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Art & Pat Malcor-Help Cher's medical bills
Carol Malik-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Lee Miller
Lisa Owen
Douglas Pauschert-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Ronald Petzke-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Lynette Ranallo-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
MARY REDFERN-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Erik Rittenhouse
Grace Ross-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Tom and Karen Schedit-Thank you a million times for Lynette
Christine Selep
tom & Karen Scheidt-Thank you a million times for Lynette
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Marcia Stahl-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Richard Tremblay-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Janet Duval-Here's a picture of her precious Jack with Buckweet

Ida Scribner-In loving memeory of Brownie, a precious, beautiful GSP that was adopted and loved deeply.
Norm Green-In loving memory of Rosie. We miss her very much. Norm, Caroline and Riley
Stephanie Spurrier-with adopted Harlee and Molly
and Scout