June 15, 2011

June Donations

Thank you to Emily Demone and her adorable birddog mix Willow for your donation to our Newbies!


June Donators for our New Rescues Dogs:
Jodi Jenkins
Ann Haber
Bridget Booker
Jeffrey Barta
Jenifer Chance
Grace Ross
Christy Carrano
Linda Nelson
Tom Nelson
Barbara Hendricks

Other June Donators:
Susan and John Ebey - for their continued amazing support to our group
Suzanne Yudell - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Stephanie Spurrier - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Lisa Justi - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Michelle Kent - Geezers & Grannies
Karen Pritchard - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Natasha Abu-Saba - Lord Byron
Sharon Sinklair - Helen Jane
Sarah Ranger - Geezers & Grannies
Sally Brines - Geezers & Grannies
Jennifer Cobey - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Denise Kerr - Illinois Birddog Rescue
David Orzel - Geezers & Grannies - In loving memory of English Setter Penny
Connie Guthrie & Save Our Strays - for Betty Spice
Penny Milnamow - IBR
Chris and Mary Gasik - IBR
Lori Jones - IBR
Orange & Blue Distributing Co. - IBR
Pamela Werner Szponer - IBR
All Things Woof Meow Too, Inc. - IBR
Katherine C. Bergquist- For Lord Byron
Kayleigh Marguerite - IBR
Janette Castrejon - IBR
Stephanie Spurrier - for Cypress
The United Way - IBR
Linda Nelson and Claudia Christensen - IBR
Erik Rittenhouse- Allstate Giving Campaign
Lee A. Miller - IBR
Pepsico Matching Donation