May 11, 2011

May Donations: With you it's all possible!

Our May Garage Sale was a success! THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATED ITEMS! If you would like to donate gently used items we will still be able to use more for our June garage sales.

Thank you Jenifer Chance for donating towards our special leaner boy Louisiana Louis! :)

Thank you Stephanie Spurrier and Fur Kids Harlee, Molly & Scout for your donations!

The Ebey family has been very generous in donating funds for the care of Gina, Tressy & Kisska in loving memory of their adored Pointer Margo Lane:

IBR thanks The Fur Family of donator Linda Nelson!


Special thanks to Susan Ebey all the way from California for her donation to save sweet pointer girl Gina. She's now SAFE in foster care in St. Louis! Another THANK YOU to her additional donation to IBR!


Our sweet, sweet Rawlin - being spoiled and loved on while in hospice care by thanks to his foster dad.


Anna Fliege
John Ebey
Christy Carrano
Kurt Hargarten
Diana Capaccio
Jennifer Leist
Victoria Sheridan
Beth @ Mosaic Feathers & More
Joan Kubalanza
Jason Buchholz
Carol Malik
Paris Walker

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OTHER MAY DONATIONS:

Nancy Brunzos- Illinois Birddog Rescue
Diane Erwin- Contribution to K9 Breast Cancer
Danielle Wojdyla- Contribution to Have a Heart
Ellen Farrell - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Tiffany Vernon- for Mistletoe MacGruber
Pamela Werner Szponer - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Maureen Kozial - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Denise Kerr - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Lee Miller - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Network for Good
Thomas Nelson - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Chris & Mary Gasik - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Jeanine Simmons - Geezers & Grannies
Cheryl Angelle - Illinois Birddog Rescue
Bridget Booker - Illinois Birddog Rescue