March 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of March

The month of the Shamrock
which brings luck to those that find it. We, at IBR, feel every month brings us the pot of gold the shamrock offers for all the dogs we are able to help. We couldn't do it without you being the symbol of that lucky Thank you for all your contributions. Without your support and compassion, we wouldn't be in a position to provide the basic needs that are so instrumental to their well being.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Anonymous-Lord Byron
Mosaic Feathers & More...-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Greater Twin Cities United Way Donor Program
Jeffrey Barta-Contribution to IBR's Vetting Bills
Maureen Bird-For Mocha's treatment
Bridget Booker-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Christy Carrano
Jenifer Chance-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Amy Christy-Contribution to Louis in loving memory of Blaze
Eileen Crofts-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Sue DePasquale
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Louis also The Kentucky Kids and GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Misty Franklin
Danelle Gatcombe-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Mary Patrizi Gasik
Nancy Haynes-Contribution to IBR's Vetting Bills
Ann Haber
Kurt Hargarten
Greg Holden
Ingrid Larson-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Penny Lawyer-for the new puppy that looks so sad
Jean Loyd
Melinda Malecki
Carol Malik-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids also For the 'Seniors'
Lee Miller
Linda Nelson-In honor of our loved Hope and Toby
MARY REDFERN-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Tom & Karen Scheidt-Please keep helping those poor dogs!
Christine Selep-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids
Victoria Sheridan-ontribution to The Kentucky Kids
Mirjana Solujic-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids, also to GEEZERS & GRANNIES
Allison Stenger
Jeff Wendler
Kristy L Zelewsky-Contribution to The Kentucky Kids also Mocha's spay