December 5, 2009

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of December

December is filled with special holidays for many different cultures. One common thread they all share is, the love to give from the heart. IBR has been so blessed this year and holiday season from so many caring people. We've had the opportunity to save more dogs this year than ever before. We've also been fortunate to give a second chance to those with sever medical issues. All because of you!

IBR would like to wish every one the joyous celebration of your holiday and a New Year filled with wishes coming true.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Associates from the Fitz Chem Corp
Mark Appleby in memory of Ripley, who introduced us to Pointers
Paula Bull in memory of Muffin & Cinamon
companions of Steve King & Johnnie Putman
Rebecca Edwards
Roger Groth in honor of Suzy Q and Miley
Mr.& Mrs. Patrick Kelly
The Hahn Family
Mr.& Mrs. Brian Kreul adopted Bobby
Elizabeth Lambert in honor of Marty Lambert
Eduardo Matos
Mr.& Mrs. Brian Muza
Mr.& Mrs. Michael Naplepa, Jr.
Jessica Oldfather & Michael Thiele
Douglas Pauschert
Erik Ritternhouse
Wendy Schild in honor of my Dallie & GSP
Mr.& Mrs. Jeffery Ware
Anne Davis adopted Gilligan ==========================================
Sharon Decker adopted Lacey
Mr.& Mrs. Chris Gasik adopted Gidget(aka Cassidy)and and Trixie/Jersey Girl (aka Keira)
Lori for Tiger Lily
Barbara Thorson for medical care on Mulberry