April 5, 2012

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for April 2012. A Month of


Cleaning. A month when people start throwing away the old and used. Unfortunately, many people think dogs are in that category as well. With the dedication and devotion from people like you, we can save, nurture, and love these, so-called throw-aways, and give them back their self worth and reap their love in return.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Helping Every Animal Receive Treatment, Sherry Patten HEART founder-for Regal's HW treatment (click on Helping.... to go to site)

Jeffrey Barta Cristjana Carlson-HELP THE SETTERS
Christy Carrano-Snow & her 3 Dwarfs
Ken Crawford-In Memory of Rosi
Sherri Crawford-Six New Redheads
Teresa Connors-Six New Redheads
Karen Dowdy-Six New Redheads
John Ebey-Six New Redheads
Kevin Fletcher-Six New Redheads
Anna Fliege-Six New Redheads
Carla Guyer-For Gavin's Hunt trial runs
Brenda Wingard-Haynes-Food & Medication
Jennifer & Calvin-In memory of Rosie-adopted by Sharon & Sherri
Jennifer Hunter
Kimberly Johnson-Food & Medication
Joyce Kahl-Six New Redheads

Lauren Kimmel
Sally Kreul
Chiquita Huerta
Carol Malik-For MERI or Gavin or Lani....their JH expenses. From Cisco, FrankieLee and Cadbury
Colleen McAdams-For Gavin's Hunt test
Shannon McGarity-Six New Redheads
Julie Miller
Lee Miller Linda S Nelson-Six New Redheads
Annette Nikolich
Kenneth Olesen-Six New Redheads
Danielle D Radtke-Six New Redheads
Robert Rairigh-Food & Medication
Marge Sanders-In memory of Rosie-adopted by Sharon & Sherri
Brett Schulze-Six New Redheads Tom Scheidt
Susan Spaid-Six New Redheads
Veronica Streich-Food & Medication
Pam Szponer-Meri's Hunt trial
Tiffany Vernon-Vet bill for Syrup, Bacon and Hashbrown
Ashley Wachholder-Six New Redheads