December 2, 2010

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of December

December is filled with special holidays for many different cultures. One common thread they all share, the love to give from the heart. IBR has been so blessed this year and holiday season from so many caring people. We've had the opportunity to save more dogs this year than ever before. We've learned so much from the horrible illnesses these dogs have suffered from. But we've also been fortunate to give a second chance to those with severe medical issues. To watch them heal and live once again. All because of you!

IBR would like to wish everyone the joyous celebration of your holiday and a New Year filled with wishes coming true.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Anonymous-For Maks
i-Give online members-Thank you all for using i-Give for searches and buying through them.
The McGraw-Hill Companies-matching donation with Melissa Murphy
Mosaic Feathers & More
Otto's Cyclery
Tina Bach-Merry Christmas IBR
Jeffrey Barta-Save IBR
Lisa Bloss-Merry Christmas from Ashley & Scout
Chris Bradford-Save IBR
Nancy Bye--Contribution to To Save IBR
Terri L. Cheema-Contribution to To Save IBR
Eileen Crofts-Merry Christmas
Jaime Davis-Contribution to To Save IBR
James Davis
Lee DuSold
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Louis
Melissa Fronek-Thank you for saving our Butchy Boy! He is still happy and healthly celebrating his 10th B-Day
Mary Patrizi Gasik
Ann Haber
John Haber-A gift on behalf of Ann Haber
Kathy Headley-Contribution to Mandi and Sassy
Kathleen Hauer-Save IBR
John Hoffman
Lenny, Ellie and Howard
Kathleen Iwanyshyn-contribution for Louis
Denise Kerr
Maureen Koziol
Marissa Lawrence- Contribution for Maks
Mark Lerocca
Mary and Jean Loyd-Merry Christmas!
Carol Malik-Contribution to Louis
Tawny McBride-Contribution for Ella
Lee Miller
Mjelissa Murphy-Merry Christmas
Eric O'Brien
Mary O'Brien-Contribution to Mandi and Sassy
Douglas Pauschert-Save IBR
Mike, Libbie, and Charlyn Pelter-Praline wants to help more dogs find a happy home.
Kimberly Popa-On behalf of Joe and Hope Popa-Merry Christmas!
Nicolette Popa
Lynette Ranallo-Contribution to To Save IBR
Danielle Radtke
Gina Rubino-Contribution to Louis
Tom & Karen Scheidt
Wendy Schild-Merry Christmas IBR!
Marty Siegrist-Contribution to a Sweet HW+ Setter
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to Louis
Shannon Steffey
Tina-Merry Christmas IBR
Tom and Karen Scheidt-In loving memory of Clair and our new love, IBR adopted, Lynette
Tucker Straley
Fred Szponer-in the name of St. Charles Veterinary Clinic
Danielle Wojdyla-Save IBR
Robin Dillon-Contribution to To Save IBR with love of my heart, Jaeger.

Pelter Family-Praline wants to help more dogs find a happy home-