December 7, 2007

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of December 2007!

A gift donation has been made by Roger Groth, on behalf of Richard and Ruth Groth.
A generous donation made by Bonnie Vozar.
A kind donation made by Lynn & Ben Ranallo: "Merry Christmas from Alex and Padme' Ranallo!"
A very generous donation made by Mark Appleby: "Please accept this donation in memory of dear friend, May Chamberlain, who introduced me to the joys of dog ownership. "--Mark Appleby
A kind donation made by Maureen Koziol
A kind donation made by Wendy Schild, with a matching donation made by her company GE.
A kind donation made by Kathleen Cheney
A kind donation made by Carla Guyer
Kind donations made by Denise Kerr throughout the entire year of 2007.
Kind donation made by Melissa Seeling

We thank you for your kindness and support.

November 19, 2007

Special Thanks to Anne and Roger Davis...

We want to send a special 'Thank You' to Anne and Roger for their extremely generous support throughout this year, that has been matched by a donation from HSBC. We cannot express how much we appreciate all you've done.

Anne Davis with her newest foster boy, little Gilligan.

November 2, 2007

In memory of Mocha

Donation made in memory of Mocha, the beloved chocolate lab girl of Barb and Ralph Scalise, by the Foreign Language, Social Studies and ELL Division of Elk Grove High School in Illinois.

We want to thank the staff at Elk Grove High School for their kind donation and are sending heartfelt condolences to Barb and Ralph for their loss.

Suzanne Albright and William Bozek have also made a donation in memory of Mocha. We want to thank them for their kind support.

Donation of Setter Artwork

We want to send a big thank you to Sherry Neiderhiser for the donation of a one of her watercolor paintings of an English Setter to Illinois Birddog rescue. Your kindness will never be forgotten.

Sherry Neiderhiser - Hearts & Hounds

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of October 2007!

Donation made by Katherine Cermak
Donation made by Christopher and Mary Gasik
Donation made by George and Nancy Mendes
Donation made by Mary Jo and Bill Fairbanks
Donation made by Phyllis Gramas Erickson
Donation made by Mr. and Mrs. Cheney
Donation made by Mr. and Mrs. Demos
Donation made by Wendy Schild, with a matching donation made by her employer General Electric
We want to thank all families for their generous donations. We couldn't do our work without your help.

Donations for our Birddog Balooza 3

A big 'Thank You' to all the wonderful people and businesses that were donating items for our BB3 raffle: Gift Certificates Acupressure Gift Certificates and Agility Equipment Rental Training Gift Certificate Discounted embroideries, IBR logo T’s Discounted dog coats Pointer Brown Ale Growlers

Dr. Carl DeStefano DC/ Dr. Dena Jersild DVM -Dog Chiropractic Gift Certificate

Animal Feeds and Needs – Gift Certificates

Jim Michener- pheasant hats

Amy Williams- children’s book

Amy White- pheasant hats

Pat Malcor- Weave poles

Anne Davis- Dog food, bowls, gift certificates

Mary Tiefenbrunn- Setter sleeping bag, Lancome bag

Susan West- Birddog T-shirts, back packs, dog canteen and outdoor tent, candles

Donna Alexander- dog book

Melissa Seeling- cookie bouquet

We hope we haven't forgotten anybody. Thank you all so very much for your support!

September 11, 2007

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of August 2007!

We were so touched by the extremely generous donation received by Dr. Carl, who's been treating IBR pointers and setters for a very long time. We are touched by her dedication and compassion for the rescue cause. Thank you!

Duke's surgery!

A big "thank you" to all the wonderful people that have contributed to Duke's knee surgery. This boys knee went out constantly, not a good thing for a sweet, active, young setter boy like Duke. After he heals up he will be able to chase around like the young puppy boy that he still is.

Here is the list of Duke's Angels that made it all possible:

  • Betsy Hendrick
  • Bill Leach
  • Dr. Steve Jacobs
  • Jeff & Ellen Speer
  • Lori Nicholson
  • Orange & Blue Distributing
  • Rebecca Rowe
  • SportsVet Animal Medical Center
  • Tom Good

July 23, 2007

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of July 2007!

Extremely generous donation made by Jodi Johnson, accompanied by the following note to Lisa Spakowski: "I just wanted to send a little support your way. I've seen how good you are to my 'kids' and know you are doing the same for the dogs you save. Keep up the good work."
Jodi & Sadie and Tucker
Generous Donation made by Larry Nelson.
We thank you greatly for your support.

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of June 2007!

Donation made by Toni Gartner
Donation made by Deborah Beliveau
Donation made by Gary Berg: "From Silo Molly and Jack!!!"
We thank you very warmly for your kind donations. They are greatly appreciated.

Donations for Birdie!

Donation pledges received in June 2007 "for Birdie":

Sharon Rydbom

IBR thanks you very much for your kind support

June 12, 2007

Thanks to an IBR Volunteer

Donation made by Toni Gartner to Illinois Birddog Rescue. She was grateful that Melissa, an active IBR volunteer helped pull and transport her GSD Luna from the shelter. Toni writes:

Her official name is Luna, thanks to you. It seems to fit her.

Melissa, I just can't thank you enough for bringing her into my home. And I'm sure she feels the same way. She's adjusting really well. Every hour, there is more puppy coming out. She's also figured out how to climb into the various planters, bring mulch into the house and crumble it all over the living room, eat dirt, etc.

She loves my grandkids - they're coming for the day tomorrow.
I left her in the crate today for about an hour. She seemed to do fine. We need Ceres to come and play!
I made a contribution to IBR.

Thank you again, you wonderful person.


In memory of Lucas

The IBR family wants to express their deepest sympathy to Anna (a friend and dog-sitting client of Lisa's) for her loss of Lucas.
Anna writes: "A day has not gone by that I've not cried for him. I miss him so; he was such good company. I have enclosed a donation to Illinois Birddog Rescue in his memory." We are thanking Anna for her kind and generous donation.

May 30, 2007

Support for Mattie---find a forever home soon---buddy!

Donation made by Sarah Brashear: "For Mattie"

May 28, 2007

In memory of Rita Martin!

In lieu of flowers, John Martin (who adopted Louise from the Adeline's Puppy litter) asked donations to be made to Illinois Birddog Rescue, in memory of his mother Rita Martin who recently passed away. We thank the following people for their support:

John Martin
Laurel Bowen
Susan and Paul Marrone
Beth and John Conroy
Carol and William Whowell

Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

We want to express our deepest sympathy to the Martin family for their loss.

May 22, 2007

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of May 2007!

Donation made by Julie Larson and family:
"To be used for Candice/Sadie's medical expenses, or as needed."
Donation made by Dan and Bonnie Jensen
Donation made by Matthew and Allison Gill
A generous donation made by Gene Laster and family
Donation made by Sarajean Howells
Donation made by Dan and Lisa Fink
Donation made by Herb Kober
Donation made by Justin and Melissa Fronek
Donation made by Dennis Felton
Donation made by Richard and Pamela Kehoe
A generous donation made by Mark and Hether Yeager
A generous donation made by James Peters
Donation made by Monica Soja
A generous donation made by Johnny Paolucci and Nancy Denk
Donation made by Debby Filler and family "for the Wes Memorial Fund"
Donation made by William and Kathleen Cheney
Donation made by Michelle and James Demos
Donation made by Christopher and Mary Gasik

We are thanking you all from the bottom of our hearts for your generous support, which has never been more needed than at this time. We will never forget your kindness.

April 16, 2007

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of April 2007!

Donation made by Cindy Glass (April 2007)
Donation made by Heather McCullough (April 2007)
Donation made by Claudia Haslett (April 2007):
"Every bit helps. The work you do is important. There's nothing quite like a 'Pointer'."
Donation made by Debra Kennedy (April 2007)
Donation made by Gary Berg (April 2007):
"From Silo Molly"
We want to thank everybody for their generous donations. They are much needed and greatly appreciated.

March 19, 2007

In memory of...

Donation by Judy Gemperline and family:
'In Memory of Java and my second dog, Nasa, who was Java’s best friend' ~ Judy

Hope, Strength & Courage

Three badly maimed pointer/setter mixes Hope, Strength & Courage were patiently nursed back to health by their shelter. Illinois Birddog Rescue is taking them under their wing, as their time was running out. Continuing vet care will be necessary for these three, especially for Hope, who is still struggling with skin issues.

Donation made by Ed Kaufman:
An extremely generous donation was made by Mr. Kaufman. You are a true rescue angel and this sweet trio and Illinois Birddog Rescue thank you so much for your contribution.

March 10, 2007

Donations for Dorothy

Little Dorothy was sitting at a Michigan shelter with not much hope at rescue, as she’s an older gal with wounds from frostbite and a huge tumor. IBR thought she should have something to look forward to and vet tests show hope that surgery could actually give her a brighter future and hope a forever home. Sadly Dorothy did not survive your surgery. IBR cremated her and gave her ashes to foster mom Lisa Floros in memory of her loving care of sweet Dorothy.


Donation made by Hildur Hanna:

“Dear Illinois Birddog Rescue - I am making this donation in honor of "Dotty," the rescue from Standish Michigan on 3/8.” Hildur Hanna


Donation made by Mike & Jeri McClure:
A heartfelt "Thank You" to Mike and Jeri McClure who made an extremely generous donation that covered Dorothy's surgery cost.

Donation made by Andrea Mann:
"I am so very sorry about Dorothy. Words really don't help in situations like this. Later on they will. Please let everyone know a candle will be lit for Dorothy and hugs are in the wind to all."

Donation made by Patricia Goodwin:
"For Dorothy"
We thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

March 2, 2007

Teaching Compassion!

Thanks to Kathy Cheney’s efforts—

Her school was able to raise $174.04 for the puppies!! Kathy is coming over to meet them on Saturday- so we’ll get some pictures for her to take back to the school! Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc is making a difference in our community. I think Kathy just found us by a random search on petfinder and she saw our plea for help.

Thanks a heap- Kathy!Kathy was also personally thanked by three of the buck funds puppies (Gidget, Jersey Girl and Wheaties) who gave her sloppy puppy kisses.
Kathy later wrote:
Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for the pictures! I can't tell you the
feelings that went through me when I looked at those shots.
I am so happy those babies have a shot at a wonderful life.
I will be sure to share them with the students at our school
tomorrow and let them know that what they did made a

February 17, 2007

'Buck Funds' Pointers Donations

Kathy Cheney was touched by the plight of six pointers that need rescuing, she donated money especially to their cause. She writes: "I hope this helps somewhat. Our school is also collecting for Illinois Bird Dog Rescue, we have collected over $60.00 so far just in our class." IBR is transporting the setters this weekend.

Donation by Jennifer Ligsay: "I live all the way out in California so I cant take those beautiful dogs. I did make a donation though. I don't have a lot of money, but I do donate to deserving causes when I can. These doggies (they are SO thin), and the Boat Mountain story made me cry. I wish I could save them all!"

Donation made by the Autumn Acres Organization. Jenifer writes: here is the donation for the pointer pups(and mom) from KS. Good Luck with them and thanks for helping them out!

We would like to thank all of them for their special donations.

February 13, 2007

In Memory of...

Donation to the Wes Memorial Fund made by Pat and Annemarie Bennett (Feb 2007):
"In memory of Augie"

February 8, 2007

Donations Wes Memorial Fund February & March 2007!

Donation made by Carola & Jeff Clark (Feb 2007):
"Wes, though we only met you one time, we could see how special you were and how much you meant to your mommy. You will never be forgotten!"
Donation made by Amy and Robert Williams (Feb 2007)
Donation made by David and Denise Kerr (Feb 2007)
Donation made by Herb, Mar and "Lucy" Kober (Feb 2007)
Donation made by Chris Dewey & "Skeets" aka Nala pup #2 Balloo (Feb 2007):
"So very sad to hear of Wes' passing. My heart goes out to Lisa. Here's a small but HEARTFELT, donation to the Wes Memorial Fund, to keep IBR's wonderful work going in memory of Lisa's heart-dog....and the inspiration for IBR. Rest well, Sweet Wubs."
Donation made by Maureen Kozial (Feb 2007), who also sent Lisa a card quoting the beautiful poem displayed below the blog header.
Donation made by Tana Vaughan (Feb 2007):
"This is for the Westleigh Memorial Fund. I was very sad to hear of your loss."
Donation made by Nancy Bye (Feb 2007):
"Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." John Galsworthy
~In Memory of Wes~
Donation made by Christy Carrano (March 2007):
For Wes:
"The sun is mine
And the trees are mine
The light breeze is mine
And the birds that inhabit the air are mine
Their voices upon the wind are in my ear" ....Robert Hogg
~In memory of Pearl~


Donation made by Deborah Taylor (March 2007):
"Wes was a wonderful dog. I am so glad to have known him. I am so sorry for your loss Lisa."


We would like to thank everybody for their generous donations. They are much needed and greatly appreciated.

February 1, 2007

Announcing the Wes Memorial Fund!

Lisa Spakowski, Illinois Birddog Rescue Founder and President mourns the loss of her beloved English Pointer boy Westleigh---otherwise knows as Wes, Wubbies, Wubs. After the adoption of her Pointer, Wes, in 1999, Lisa learned about the wonderful world of Birddogs and Field Training. This passion also helped her to create Illinois Birddog Rescue which is a Pointer and Setter Adoption Foundation in the Chicagoland area. “

Allison Brudney, Lisa’s close friend and fellow board member writes: “Wes was the reason Lisa started IBR, the reason we all have that special pointer or setter (or blend) in our lives, and the reason we are all friends! In lieu of sending flowers, we would like to set up the Wubbies Memorial Fund.”

Lisa’s Own Words: “Wes was a gift and it was an honor to have had him in my life. He was such a blessing. Through him and the love of the breed I started IBR and because of him my extended family is big and wonderful. I love you Wes- forever and always. Thanks for 8 wonderful happy years; your spirit and zest for life will always be a comfort to me.”Lisa Flores, an IBR volunteer wrote the following upon hearing of Lisa's loss:

"I just want you to know this...and I don't want to make you
sad...We never met Wes but he is part of our family. Sofia
(my 2 year old daughter) watches the NATCH video several
times a day. She wakes up and says good morning to our
dogs and then says "WES" and runs to the computer!
She can navigate the IBR site to get to the videos! He has
brought so much joy to Sofia and to us! I wish you could
see her reaction and hear her cheering him on! We are
so glad that we are a part of the IBR family!"