October 5, 2010

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of October

brings "trick or treat" and our dogs are happy to oblige. They provide many tricks, some we've never seen before, and the treat is just knowing that they have a second chance of giving someone the special love only they can give. Without your generous support and compassion, this wouldn't happen. Thank you is such a small sentence, but it has such a big heartfelt meaning..Webfetti.com

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Elizabeth Abbott-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Gary Berg
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Mandi and Tamborine also Sugar Betsy Cindee & Max as well as Leland & Windsor and Sweet Myrna's Care plus Bonnie's Vetting and Kensignton
Dino DePasquale-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Diane Erwin-Contribution to Kensington
Mary Jo Fairbanks
Tom Favorite-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Mandi and Tamborine also Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Pamela Fenstermaker-Contribution to Kensington
Katharine Grider-Contribution to Kensington
Kurt Hargarten-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Cindy Hermann-Contribution to Kensington
Emily Hommen-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Jodi Jenkins
Debra Joy-Contribution to Kensington
Christine Lawrence & Sue West are Dash's Angels. These 2 woman saved him.
Carol Malik-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max also To support Popcorn AKA Candy Corn and her partner in crime, Angela and not to forget Kensington and Contribution to Boregard
Kathryn Marcinak-Contribution to Kensington
Karen McAdams-Contribution to Mandi and Tamborine
Lee Miller
Melissa Murphy-Contribution to Kensington
Doug Pauschert-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max also Kensington
Eric Rittenhouse
Tom Scheidt-Thanks for Lynette & keep helping those dogs!
Marcia Stahl-Contribution to Leland & Windsor
Pamela Szponer
Nikki Tabony-Contribution to Kensington
Tiffany Vernon-Vetting for Murphy
Gwen Washburn
Kristy L Zelewsky-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max
Dr. Mark Appleby-loves Pointers. His girls, Bess: Black&White Casey-Mae (our rescue): Liver and white
Kathi Hauer-Contribution to Sugar Betsy Cindy Max in honor of left to right: Zinser, Rio, & Sunny