June 12, 2007

Thanks to an IBR Volunteer

Donation made by Toni Gartner to Illinois Birddog Rescue. She was grateful that Melissa, an active IBR volunteer helped pull and transport her GSD Luna from the shelter. Toni writes:

Her official name is Luna, thanks to you. It seems to fit her.

Melissa, I just can't thank you enough for bringing her into my home. And I'm sure she feels the same way. She's adjusting really well. Every hour, there is more puppy coming out. She's also figured out how to climb into the various planters, bring mulch into the house and crumble it all over the living room, eat dirt, etc.

She loves my grandkids - they're coming for the day tomorrow.
I left her in the crate today for about an hour. She seemed to do fine. We need Ceres to come and play!
I made a contribution to IBR.

Thank you again, you wonderful person.


In memory of Lucas

The IBR family wants to express their deepest sympathy to Anna (a friend and dog-sitting client of Lisa's) for her loss of Lucas.
Anna writes: "A day has not gone by that I've not cried for him. I miss him so; he was such good company. I have enclosed a donation to Illinois Birddog Rescue in his memory." We are thanking Anna for her kind and generous donation.