January 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of January


First on the list for the New Year is to thank all of you that have supported us throughout 2010 with your generous donations. We have made remarkable strides in helping so many needy dogs. Giving them second chances that they would of never seen. Providing necessary medical attention to just about every dog that came through our door.Webfetti.com

Found fantastic new foster homes and adopters for so many this past year. We are deeply appreciative for all you have done. Truly, without you, IBR came close to closing the door of opportunity for so many 4 legged friends. We really owe you so much more than just a thank you. Please know that we will be forever grateful, and in 2011, we will continue to fight for all dogs brought to our attention and do what is feasibly possible, to help as many as we can.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Identity Sign & Lighting
The McGraw-Hill Companies Matching Fund
Linda Anderson
Mark Bardoel
Helen Braun-Contribution to IBR's Vetting Bills
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Kathleen Cheney
Barbara Davies-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Anne & Roger Davis
Sharon Decker
Emily Demone-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Lee DuSold-In loving memory of Gracie,Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Charles Edwards-To Save IBR
Diane Erwin-Contribution to K9 BREAST CANCER
Anna Fliege-Contribution to K9 BREAST CANCER
Felicia Filippo
Jane Fullett
Mary Gasik
Stephanie Graham-Contribution for Sassy
Norm Green-To help with vetting bills
Carla Guyer
Kurt Hargarten-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
CLAUDIA HASLETT-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Sandra Lucas-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Art & Pat Malcor-Help Cher's medical bills
Carol Malik-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Lee Miller
Lisa Owen
Douglas Pauschert-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Ronald Petzke-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Lynette Ranallo-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
MARY REDFERN-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Erik Rittenhouse
Grace Ross-Contribution to HAVE A HEART
Tom and Karen Schedit-Thank you a million times for Lynette
Christine Selep
tom & Karen Scheidt-Thank you a million times for Lynette
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Marcia Stahl-Contribution to Save Barbi's Leg
Richard Tremblay-Contribution to Barbi's Amputation
Janet Duval-Here's a picture of her precious Jack with Buckweet

Ida Scribner-In loving memeory of Brownie, a precious, beautiful GSP that was adopted and loved deeply.
Norm Green-In loving memory of Rosie. We miss her very much. Norm, Caroline and Riley
Stephanie Spurrier-with adopted Harlee and Molly
and Scout