February 17, 2007

'Buck Funds' Pointers Donations

Kathy Cheney was touched by the plight of six pointers that need rescuing, she donated money especially to their cause. She writes: "I hope this helps somewhat. Our school is also collecting for Illinois Bird Dog Rescue, we have collected over $60.00 so far just in our class." IBR is transporting the setters this weekend.

Donation by Jennifer Ligsay: "I live all the way out in California so I cant take those beautiful dogs. I did make a donation though. I don't have a lot of money, but I do donate to deserving causes when I can. These doggies (they are SO thin), and the Boat Mountain story made me cry. I wish I could save them all!"

Donation made by the Autumn Acres Organization. Jenifer writes: here is the donation for the pointer pups(and mom) from KS. Good Luck with them and thanks for helping them out!

We would like to thank all of them for their special donations.

February 13, 2007

In Memory of...

Donation to the Wes Memorial Fund made by Pat and Annemarie Bennett (Feb 2007):
"In memory of Augie"

February 8, 2007

Donations Wes Memorial Fund February & March 2007!

Donation made by Carola & Jeff Clark (Feb 2007):
"Wes, though we only met you one time, we could see how special you were and how much you meant to your mommy. You will never be forgotten!"
Donation made by Amy and Robert Williams (Feb 2007)
Donation made by David and Denise Kerr (Feb 2007)
Donation made by Herb, Mar and "Lucy" Kober (Feb 2007)
Donation made by Chris Dewey & "Skeets" aka Nala pup #2 Balloo (Feb 2007):
"So very sad to hear of Wes' passing. My heart goes out to Lisa. Here's a small but HEARTFELT, donation to the Wes Memorial Fund, to keep IBR's wonderful work going in memory of Lisa's heart-dog....and the inspiration for IBR. Rest well, Sweet Wubs."
Donation made by Maureen Kozial (Feb 2007), who also sent Lisa a card quoting the beautiful poem displayed below the blog header.
Donation made by Tana Vaughan (Feb 2007):
"This is for the Westleigh Memorial Fund. I was very sad to hear of your loss."
Donation made by Nancy Bye (Feb 2007):
"Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives." John Galsworthy
~In Memory of Wes~
Donation made by Christy Carrano (March 2007):
For Wes:
"The sun is mine
And the trees are mine
The light breeze is mine
And the birds that inhabit the air are mine
Their voices upon the wind are in my ear" ....Robert Hogg
~In memory of Pearl~


Donation made by Deborah Taylor (March 2007):
"Wes was a wonderful dog. I am so glad to have known him. I am so sorry for your loss Lisa."


We would like to thank everybody for their generous donations. They are much needed and greatly appreciated.

February 1, 2007

Announcing the Wes Memorial Fund!

Lisa Spakowski, Illinois Birddog Rescue Founder and President mourns the loss of her beloved English Pointer boy Westleigh---otherwise knows as Wes, Wubbies, Wubs. After the adoption of her Pointer, Wes, in 1999, Lisa learned about the wonderful world of Birddogs and Field Training. This passion also helped her to create Illinois Birddog Rescue which is a Pointer and Setter Adoption Foundation in the Chicagoland area. “

Allison Brudney, Lisa’s close friend and fellow board member writes: “Wes was the reason Lisa started IBR, the reason we all have that special pointer or setter (or blend) in our lives, and the reason we are all friends! In lieu of sending flowers, we would like to set up the Wubbies Memorial Fund.”

Lisa’s Own Words: “Wes was a gift and it was an honor to have had him in my life. He was such a blessing. Through him and the love of the breed I started IBR and because of him my extended family is big and wonderful. I love you Wes- forever and always. Thanks for 8 wonderful happy years; your spirit and zest for life will always be a comfort to me.”Lisa Flores, an IBR volunteer wrote the following upon hearing of Lisa's loss:

"I just want you to know this...and I don't want to make you
sad...We never met Wes but he is part of our family. Sofia
(my 2 year old daughter) watches the NATCH video several
times a day. She wakes up and says good morning to our
dogs and then says "WES" and runs to the computer!
She can navigate the IBR site to get to the videos! He has
brought so much joy to Sofia and to us! I wish you could
see her reaction and hear her cheering him on! We are
so glad that we are a part of the IBR family!"