April 23, 2008

Thanks from IBR and Alice Ann!

We would like to thank Dr. Nate Eversman at the Plainview Veterinary Clinic in Plainview, Minnesota for donating vetting care for Alice Ann. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

April 3, 2008

In Memory of Snoopy Farrell

Donation made by Shannon Barry in memory of Snoopy. "This donation is in memory of Snoopy Farrell who crossed the bridge this past week. His guardian Jane Farrell is our pet sitter and good friend. Snoopy was a pointer/english setter mix and a rescue who gave his family 14 years of happiness." - Shannon

Illinois Birddog Rescue wants to send their heartfelt condolences to the Farrell family for their loss of Snoopy. We've had our share of "Pointsettiers" in rescue and have a special place in our hearts for them. - The IBR Family

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of April 2008!

Generous donation made by Kathy Iwanyshyn
Kind donation made by Theresa Perdikes
Kind donation made by Shannon Steffey
Kind donation made by Allison and Matthew Gill. "Dear Volunteers, your time and effort in rescuing these wonderful dogs is very much appreciated. We adopted Izzy, formerly known as Inez, in June of 2006. She's one of the hobbits from Boat Mountain. Izzy has brought us so much joy, she is an absolute sweetheart!! Smiles, Allison & Matt"
Generous donation made by the Fronek family. "Lisa, I had a minute to log onto the website and see there are sick babies. Hope this helps. Butch & Bailey are both doing great---so is my other son Jackson." Justin, Melissa, Jackson, Butch and Bailey

We thank you all for your kindness and generosity.