October 27, 2008

Minnesota Garage Sale! A job well done

Bryan Appel and Debby Filler

Kudos to all the volunteers that helped with the September garage sale. Total for the sale: $471.73


Bryan, Wendy, Dylan, Travis and Debby -- and Nya and Smitty!!

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of September 2008!

The following generous donations were made:

John Werth III
Michael Bytner
Cathy Snyder
Kirk and Cynthia Maynard
Orange & Blue Distributing
John Good
Jeffrey and Ellen Speer
Allison Nierode (and Penny - the GSP)
Anne and David Sporrer
GSP Club of America

We thank you all for your wonderful donations, which are a life saver to the rescue!!!

In memory of...

Donation made by Nancy Hahn and James Holland on behalf of Donald and Dawn Hahn. "In memory of their beloved fur kids at the bridge Holly (lab), Maddie (hound mix), Duncan & Katie (wheaton terriers) and to celebrate the happily current family members Charlie (pointer) and Larry (pointer mix)---both IBR adoptees. We thank you for your kind donation and are always thrilled to see our IBR kids in such loving and caring homes.

In loving memory of DC Winsong’s Cinnabar Hannah MH

We received a donation and also boxes of Heartgard from Kita Morris in memory of her beloved Viszla DC Windsong's Cinnabar Hanna. We thank Kita for her kind donation.

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of July 2008!

The following donations were received:

Christina Bach
Sarajean Howells
Teresa Drewes
Mary Kennedy
Sheila Macikas
Marcie Pollack

Our heartfelt thanks for your generous contributions in a time of need. Our recent surgery costs were sky-high and all help was so very much appreciated.

Donations to help with Lucy's surgery

Many thanks to Derek Brust & Elizabeth Loftus for their donation towards Lucy's surgery costs. It's greatly appreciated.

Donation in Memory of Wally!

In memory of Wally, the following donations were received:

Joanne Rawlings
Susan Paulsen
Caroline Marino
Sally and Brian Kreul

Wally, we miss you and will never forget you. Thanks to everybody that made a donation to honor his brave struggle.