July 12, 2011

July Donations

Thank You VERY much for your continued support! We greatly appreciate the generosity of everyone especially:

Maureen Koziol-In honor of our foster girl, Betty White.
Lynette Ranallo - Heartful of Love donation
Ebey Family- Heartful of Love donation
Christy Carrano - Heartful of Love donation
Annonymous - Lord Byron
Jenifer Chance - Geezers & Grannies
Sarah Ranger - Geezers & Grannies
Susan Alder - Geezers & Grannies
David Orzel - Geezers & Grannies
Chris and Mary Gasik - IBR
Lee A. Miller - IBR
Clint Bull and Paula Cooper (WGN Radio) - to the family of Rita & Edward Martin, in memory of Rita
Jeffery Barta - Newbies
Sarah Ranger - Newbies
Jennifer Cobey - IBR
Susan Ebey - The Texas Trio

Thank you to everyone who participated in our July 4th 75/25 Raffle!

Kelli Cameron
Amy Straley
Carla Ingtaham
Debra Joy
Keely Lineback
Dennis Dang
Diane Erwin
Donna Alexander
Emily Hake
Alison West
Anne Davis
Christy Carrano
Christina Bach
Pat Malcor
Sonya Hene
Melissa Murphy
Alan Wigley
Pamela Szponer
Jeffery Wendler
Sharon Sinklair
Debra Joy
Anna Fliege
Linda Nelson
Thomas Favorite
Meg Hoffmann
Susan Depasquale
Carol Cross Malik
Kristy Zelewsky
Susan Ebey
Jeannine Reese