May 1, 2012

Wes Memorial Fund Donations For May 2012

Beginnings, where Mother Nature awakens the flowers into beautiful blossoms. We would like to think we do the same. By giving the scared and frightened, the sick and the old, a chance to bloom into a confident dog once again. Without your generous donations, we couldn't accomplish this. Thank you, from all of us.
Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations; ===========================================
Flower Power Fundraising
HSBC Philabnthropic Program
Mosaic Feathers & More...
Natural Healing Whold Dog Wellness
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Sherri Crawford
Anne and Roger Davis
Amy Fort
Lauren Kimmel
Christine Holton
 Lee Miller
Tom Scheidt-Thank you a 1000 times for Lynette
Cynthia Smith-Food & Medication

Thank you to all of you that have given over the months through Firstgiving and wern't acknowledged in the month of donations:

Elizabeth Berry
Jenni Bidner
Dan Catron
Susan Dearinger
Michelle Demos
Kevin Donnelly
Linda Cullotta Feld
Paul Fliege
Dave Gage
Amy Harms
Babara Hendricks
Jin Hondros
Lori Janik
Jodi Johnson
Sally Kreul
Kelly Ponticelli
Marsha Putt
Michelle Syens
Jeff Wendler
Denise Wight
Al Wigley
Susan Wigley
Carrie Williams

In loving memory to a very special Setter, Lucy Klein. Lucy was the rock and soul for 10 yrs. to her loving family. She also was the big sister to her adopted brother and former IBR rescue, Finn (in the background).  They became fast soul mates and always by each other side. The loss of Lucy was devastating to her family and hard for Finn as well. She will be deeply missed by many who knew her and this donation speaks volumes of how she touched so many. Donations made by; Lisa Martin, Tisha Brady, Scott Dunn, Marci Clow, Tonja Schenk,  Margaret Edwards and Michele McRae.