March 2, 2007

Teaching Compassion!

Thanks to Kathy Cheney’s efforts—

Her school was able to raise $174.04 for the puppies!! Kathy is coming over to meet them on Saturday- so we’ll get some pictures for her to take back to the school! Illinois Birddog Rescue, Inc is making a difference in our community. I think Kathy just found us by a random search on petfinder and she saw our plea for help.

Thanks a heap- Kathy!Kathy was also personally thanked by three of the buck funds puppies (Gidget, Jersey Girl and Wheaties) who gave her sloppy puppy kisses.
Kathy later wrote:
Hi Lisa,
Thank you so much for the pictures! I can't tell you the
feelings that went through me when I looked at those shots.
I am so happy those babies have a shot at a wonderful life.
I will be sure to share them with the students at our school
tomorrow and let them know that what they did made a