October 2, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of October 2011

brings "trick or treat" and our dogs are happy to oblige. They provide many tricks, some we've never seen before, and the treat is just knowing that they have a second chance of giving someone the special love only they can give. Without your generous support and compassion, this wouldn't happen. Thank you is such a small sentence, but it has such a big heartfelt meaning..Webfetti.com

Our deepest gratitude to all who have supported us over our 10 years of Compassion. We would like to extend our appreciation to all who have silently given and supported us. We look forward to helping many more dogs in need and finding them their forever homes to live out a life of happiness they deserve. Thank you for your support.

IBR would like to thank the following companies who supported the Birddog Balooza 10 Year celebration through their donations. Please visit their sites.
Author: Web Parton
Animal Feeds and Needs
Blue Witch Ceramics
Birddog Foundation
Birddog Whiskey
Brookfield Zoo
Chicago Bears
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Colliers International
Coopers Hawk Winery

Crypton Fabric
Fromm Family Foods
K-9 Hair Design
Kong Co.
Lynfred Winery
Martha Stewart
Medival Times
Merrick Petcare
St. Andrews Golf Course
St.Louis Rams
Sixflags Great America
Up Country
Willis Towers

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Donna A De Rosa

Julia Agboatwalla Family
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Kisska
Ebey Family- For Kisska's Emergency Surgery,Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES,
To help the IBR doggies
Linda Cullotta Felde- We love our Millie adopted from IBR 6 years ago
Ginene Gentile-Hand made 4 cat pillows and a Table runner for Balooza auction.
Cheryl Hoffman- Avon Fundraising Project
James Hondros
Gasik Family
Carol Malik-PLEASE apply toward "CYPRESS's" heartworm treatments,To help with GEAH's bill
Milton the Poet Thanks for rescuing me
Julie Miller-For the love of Pointers - Sully & Nikki too
Lee Miller

Linda S Nelson-Contribution to Kisska
Pam Szponer

Lynette Ranallo-Contribution to Kisska
Cheddar and Brie Sandberg
Michelle Syens-Thank you for 10 years & many dogs saved
Carrie Williams, Jim Rooney, Lexie and Mr. Murphy Murphy says hello and THANK YOU from us all!

Kristy Zelewsky-For Jameson's Vetting