August 15, 2011

August Donations

Our rescue is able to save lives based on the donations we receive. We recently were able to save a very pregnant pointer mama who gave birth to three adorable puppies only a few days later. She looks pretty happy to me!

A warm thank you to the following friends for their donations to our Nacadoches Family and others in need:
WPG Solutions, Inc.
Stacy Bailey - Lord Kensington
Judy Besler-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family
Michelle M. Campoli
Christy Carrano-Contribution to GEEZERS & GRANNIES and Mandi

Barbara J. Davies-In memory of my Mom Jean Davies - she loved all dogs, rescue dogs in particular.

Christin Dewey-for MANDI Get well soon, baby girl !!
Lynne Dobroski-for Mandi
Ebey Family-Contribution to the Newbies,the Nacogdoches Family and the 3 Amigos in Texas, also Mandi
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Nacadoches Family also to GEEZERS & GRANNIES and Mandi
Deborah Foley-Mandi
Laura Francel
Melissa Fronek-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family
Tamara G. Gieck-for Mandi. Thanks for working to help her.
Dawn Hahn-for Mandi
Steffi Hoffmann
Kristin Honeysuckle
Denise Kerr
sheila Macikas
Karen E. McAdams-Mandi's Surgery
Shannon McGarity-Mandi's surgery
Julie A. Miller-For the love of pointers. Nikki & Sully's forever mom, Julie.Melissa J. Murphy

Lee Miller
Gary Nelson-Warm and cozy dog beds as well as a contribution. Adopted Bailey
Linda S. Nelson
Kelly Ponticelli- for Mandi

Mary Refern-This is for Maks - sweet, beautiful boy! Sending lots of hugs and prayers for you. Hope you're feeling better soon. (Note: Sadly, Maks couldn't beat his health issues and went to the Bridge.)
Thomas R. Scheidt-Thank you 1000 times for Lynette.
Brett Schulze- for Mandi
Julie Sopko-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family
Stephanie Spurrier-Contribution to Nacogdoches Family and Mandi
Fred Szponer-Contribution to Nacadoches Family. In Sadie's memory.
Michael J. Thomas-MANDI
Alan J. Wigley-Mandi - have to help a dog with a point that nice!
Kristy Zelewsky-for Loren