December 1, 2011

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of December 2011

December is filled with special holidays for many different cultures. One common thread they all share is, the love to give from the heart. IBR has been so blessed this year and holiday season from so many caring people. We've had the opportunity to save more dogs this year than ever before. We've also been fortunate to give a second chance to those with sever medical issues. All because of you!
IBR would like to wish every one the joyous celebration of your holiday and a New Year filled with wishes coming true.

Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Otto's Cyclery
GE Matching Funds Foundation (Wendy Schild)
Anonymous I adopted Bernadette nee Wanda- she's great!
Mark Appleby
Christy Carrano-Contribution to Food & Medication
Brent Christensen-Contribution to Food & Medication
Danielle W. Christensen- In lieu of birthday gifts donation were requested to be made to IBR in name.
Nancy Commeree
Elieen Crofts
Anne and Roger Davis
Emily Demone

Michelle Demos- In memory of our sweet birddog, Aubrey

Diane DePasquale
Christin Dewey and MACH titled Skeets
MaryJo Fairbanks
Anna Fliege-Contribution to Food & Medication,Merry Christmas! Love, your family
the Fullett family
Gurdalupe Garcia
Mary Patrizi Gasik
Carla Guyer-Contribution to Food & Medication
Ann Harber
Jeff & Amy Harms Sage (adopted 7/07-MI) is doing great!!!
Gayle Harrop-Contribution to Food & Medication
Nicole Jette
Jodi Johnson-Thanks for all you do!!!
Debra Joy
the Kaye family-adopted Josie 7 yrs. ago.
Sally Kreul-Happy New Year from Bobby!
the Koziol family in home or our 1st Christmas with Betty White
Colleen McAdams
Julie Miller
Lee Miller
Penny Milnamow-Thanks for saving Spritz
Linda S Nelson
David Orzel
Marsha Putt
Wendy Schild
Stephanie Spurrier
Dana Swinford-My friend, Nathan Falls from Montezuma IN, is a big fan of your organization and mission. I made this donation because of his passion to your cause.
Pam Werner Szponer
Al Wigley
Phyllis Willner
Teresa Wojdyla
Kristy Zelewsky-Contribution to Food & Medication

Emily J. Demone-Contribution to Food & Medication. I'm blessed to open my eyes every morning to my Heart dog Willow, Which is why nothing pleases me more than to help good folks like yourselves and the organization, Last Chance Animal Rescue, here in New York, which rescued her from a kill shelter in SC.

They held an adoption event I helped at one day and my intention was to foster someone who wasn't adopted by day's end. Of course all of the puppies went first, but towards the end of the event, she caught my eye, underweight and sheepishly looking at me from under a folding table. From that moment on I was hooked! I took her home to foster her, but was unable to let her go. She is calm, gentle, playful, cuddly and it is as though there is a human soul inside her.

I have had some wonderful dogs from childhood on....but this girl is everything I loved in all of those wonderful animals, wrapped up in one amazing package. I know that if Last Chance didn't grab her, she'd be dead. They said she was set to die the next day. I can't imagine my life without her in it.