February 1, 2010

Wes Memorial Fund Donations for the month of February

February is known for the Love between one another. Illinois Birddog Rescue and the foster homes that care for the lucky ones that get a second chance have you, the donor, to be grateful towards. We can love them, care for them and prepare them for their furever homes, but NOT without you. From the bottom of our hearts, we are so thankful for your compassion and love for our dogs in need and believing in us enough to open your hearts to help us.

This month is also the 3 year anniversary sadly, for the heart and soul of IBR, Westleigh. Without him and the passion he exhibited on a daily basis, other dog's futures may have been very different. Wes was a strong and stunning English Pointer that had the determination it took to exceed in whatever was put in front of him. He fought a strong battle that just was against all odds, but as this Memorial in his honor continues, it exemplifies the strength and will that all our dogs come to us with, NEVER GIVE UP. As long as there are dogs out there that won't give up, either will we and hope that you too, continue to believe, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Note by Donation Coordinator:
For all the Amy's, Angela's, and Michelle's who bond with a dog they never even considered getting, really exhibits the true animal lover in all of us (see Tucker and Ben's donation below). We can see their soul through the eyes of the lonely, confused, and scared creature behind the cold steel bars. We can hear the unspoken words that they convey through their eyes and have a piercing arrow straight into our hearts.

Cupid is not just a February icon, but one that lives throughout the year. For those that are fortunate enough to reach people like the Amy's and Michelle's of the world, are truly the blessed ones that get adopted and loved for eternity. Sometimes our expectations of eternity is far less than what the meaning has in store for us, but they have come to us with a purpose from their Creator and when their assignment has been completed, it's time to move on to help others.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us to once again be reunited, but in the waiting moments of time, we are reminded that their purpose of touching our lives was to show us that we can help so many more in need. That the memories will always be there. The Love will never fade. That the power of that love can touch so many, which is so unexpected.

They're brought to us on Special Assignment. They have, as will others, continue to do their tasks beyond the conscious knowledge of the humans they touch. As shown through the donations made in their memory, one can sense the importance of their being and the love they brought to so many. They are just ones of thousands that touch people with loving tender hearts, but no more important as the ones we can't save.

IBR and the many other rescues and shelters out there struggle ever day to make a difference. But it really does come down to You, the donor, who believe animals, whether it be dogs, cats, horses, etc., do deserve to be treated with respect, not abuse or neglect. With heartfelt gratitude, we honor You through our Blog, for helping and giving the ones without a voice a second chance.


Our Deepest Appreciation to the following people for their generous donations;
Margaret Baykowski in memory of Tucker
Jamie Davis
Mr & Mrs.Dempsey in loving memory of their daughter's love, Tucker.
Sarah Dempsey - In memory of Tucker
Ted, Julie & Kahlin Dempsey - In memory of Amy Dempsey's beloved Tucker.
The Hahn Family - Please help the sick,and homeless find their FOREVER.
The Jones Family for Lily
Maureen Koziol
Gerald Miller
Marsha Putt
Thomas and Karen Scheidt - Keep up the Great work.
Rob & Jennifer Scott - In memory of Amy's Tucker, a special soul who our 2 year old daughter loved to pieces. We did too!
Angela Snell - In loving memory of our boy, Ripley.
The Straley Family
All the Foster Families and Volunteers that open their homes and give their time to ensure the safety and care for our dogs in rescue. Thank you for all you do.
Christy and Otto Carrano of Otto's Cyclery donation in memory of Haley

Amy Dempsey in loving memory of her beloved Tucker. "When Tucker and I found each other back in April, 1998- he had been discarded at an animal shelter. He had 100's of bird shot pellets lodged all over his body. I hadn't even thought about getting a dog and then one day I just found myself there, standing in front of his cage. I'm not a religious person, but I can't help but believe that something bigger than myself brought us together. He was everything to me and it makes me feel good to try and help someone who is so dedicated to helping other "discarded" dogs."
Maddie, Tucker and family =============================================
Michelle Fuentes has made a donation in honor of her beloved Ben who is waiting at the Bridge.

In memory of Benjamin (Ben Ben) Fuentes
June 11, 1998 – July 17, 2009

"Ben, our yellow lab came into our lives when he was four months old. In the early years he was a little terror and seemed to get into lots of trouble. Ben had some little quirks about him, but we managed to adjust to them. Soon he grew into the most lovable, devoted and loyal dog. I will never forget those big brown eyes and his famous bulldogging ways. We were deeply saddened when he had to leave us here, but we know his brother Spot would be at the gates of heaven happily waiting to show Ben the way. Ben and Spot once more together again running, playing through endless green fields. Mom, Dad and Alley (sister) think of him everyday! We know he’s healthy, happy and running with the big dogs! Our Ben Ben will forever be in our hearts."

Mommy, Daddy & Alley Fuentes