February 21, 2008

Pheasant Fest Donations!

In January 2008, Illinois Birddog Rescue was so fortunate to participate at Pheasant Fest again, which was held this time in Minneapolis. A lot of dedicated volunteers in the area---and some that traveled far, participated in the event and made it a success. We want to thank all of them.

The following people helped by contributing funds to help pay for booth and other expenses, to make are participation possible:

Eric Sandberg
Anne Hornyak

We want to thank all of them for their donations. Pheasant fest was a great success and helped raise much needed funds for Elton's surgery.
A huge "thank you" also to Joel Bardseth, the territory sales manager, for Nature's Variety Dog Food. Debby Filler, who worked the IBR booth reports:

"Joel was in the booth next to us at Pheasant Fest. He was giving away full-sized (5lb) bags of kibble and cans (not sample-sizes). For every can he gave away, he asked people to donate a dollar to IBR. For every bag of kibble he gave away, he asked people to donate $5 to IBR. For every 1 lb bag of raw (that was sort of sample-sized), he asked people to donate $4 to IBR.

At the end of Pheasant Fest, he donated all food he had left to us. It was a huge donation of kibble, canned food, and frozen raw. We distributed some of it among the Minnesota foster homes who were present and sent the rest to Lisa, the IBR president, for the IL foster dogs."

Joel Bardseth at the end of Pheasant Fest